Dana ✿ Only half a blue sky
Kind of there, but not quite

okay everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if you don’t think that Kiss You and LWWY were the two best music videos then youre wrong and I’d like you to pack your bags. you’re going home.


Is IKEA even real


Is IKEA even real

":("  - derek hale, probably

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things I’m not here for:

  • the death of Derek Hale
  • Lydia Martin feeling MORE guilt 


I don’t even remember what I did two years ago but I remember everything one direction did

RIP, Anne 


Tonight we sadly have to announce that nipschapelcheshire, formally known as Anne, has committed suicide. I do not know much about her, all I know is there was an alert post that went out about how she was planning her suicide tonight, and I was too late. We were all too late. Even if you did not know Anne, please reblog this to let everyone know that we’ve lost a beautiful addition to the tumblr family. RIP, Anne. You will be missed.

SEASON 5!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to quit but I’m in too deep 

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